2017-02-02 14:02:59 by JaredGagnonArt

Okay guys so here I am been a long time since this page saw any activity same goes for all my other sites too. Truth is Iv'e been rather busy and burnt out in life and i'm only freakin 22.  Regardless though iv'e been thinking a lot and i'm only going to get somewhere if I myself do something about it. So ive made myself some goals and you will be seeing this page more alive. every day (or two) there is going to be a little comic page posted up here, newgrounds, my website (which will be updated soon) and my patreon (also will update too). Its called A long way. and every two weeks a project will be upload to the same sites as well also making effort to pump an animation out probably two max. we will see as time goes on though. Anyway I'm tired of living in this dark hole of life not getting anywhere and its time to fulfill my dreams. Thanks for your time.

Welcome! here I shall be posting pics of my artwork and animations from time to time! If you all want to be kept up to date Like my facebook page >
There I post things more frequently and usually my thoughts as well. also im working on building my own site so be on the watch for it.

I'm an Artist (Also works on Animation)